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Our Process

Our Approach to Turnkey Retail Fitouts

Supply Chain Integration

We streamline the supply chain by digitally connecting factories, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), labour contractors, and architects. This integration enhances our efficiency and enables quicker fitout deliveries.

Manpower Upscaling & Material Sourcing

We make significant investments in enhancing the skills of our workforce deployed on projects. Additionally, we procure materials directly from OEMs to ensure superior quality and maintain control over the supply chain.

Full Stack Approach

We adopt a comprehensive approach where we handle all aspects of our projects without subcontracting any work. This strategy gives us greater control over project timelines and ensures the quality of our work remains high.

Quality & Timeline Control

By integrating the supply chain, upskilling our workforce, and adopting a full-stack approach, we maintain precise control over project timelines and work quality, resulting in superior outcomes for our clients.

Our Portfolio

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At 91Squarefeet, we are thrilled to have cultivated a diverse brand portfolio. We work alongside our clients to build their unique vision in the look, form and function of each store environment. View some of our select projects below!

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