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We are infusing tech in "Construction"

At 91Squarefeet, we are building a new age construction company for India. We have advanced AI Driven Technological systems to navigate the myriad of possible challenges involved in a construction project. On the other hand, we are actively investing in improving the skill of the manpower we plug on our projects by giving them technical training and hand-tools. With the combination of deploying right skilled manpower and our technology proficiency, we are able to bring in the missing control and predictability in our projects. We have a fully integrated and digitized construction supply chain that spans across Fixture Factories, Material OEMs, Engineering Consultants, Labour contractors, and Architects. ​

Our Mission

To Digitize the Construction Supply Chain to bring in the control and predictability in construction project management.​

Our Vision

To be the fastest ever construction company in India for small and medium scale projects. ​

Our Values

Infuse the idea of Leadership, Collaboration, Integrity, Accountability & Passion in each individual.

Our Culture

Create a strong culture where the entire team lifts each other up in good & bad times.

Who we are

Solving Commercial Fitouts in India

Squarefeet by Squarefeet

While logistics, banking, manufacturing and many other fields have observed a radical change by embracing tech over the last 2 decades, now is a time for construction. Upto 12% of project costs can be attributed to in-efficiencies which can be attributed to either skill technology gap. Except for a few large construction companies in India, the majority of the contractor base is unorganized and lacking the right tools and sometimes trained manpower as well to efficiently execute their projects.

Our Founders

It all started with Their Vision

Amit Bansal
Amit Bansal
Chief Executive Officer

Structural Design & Retail

Amit Mishra
Amit Mishra
Finance & Strategy

Enterprise SaaS, Finance

Puneet Bansal
Puneet Bansal
Tech & Product

Facility Design, Product

Life At 91Squarefeet

An Optimistic & Exciting Place to Work

We’re building a brand that believes in celebrating small wins and big milestones alike. That’s why, we party and have great team activities every now and then. We believe in making each and every team member fall in love with the brand culture that we are creating.

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Ready to get started?

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