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About the Project

Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are iconic fashion brands known for their distinctive styles and high-quality products. We were entrusted with designing and building flagship stores for both brands in Mumbai, one of India’s most vibrant and fashion-forward cities. Our goal was to create retail spaces that would provide an immersive brand experience, drawing in customers and enhancing their shopping journey.

1. Brand Identity:
Tommy Hilfiger: The store design reflects Tommy Hilfiger’s classic American cool aesthetic. We incorporated elements like bold colors, clean lines, and stylish displays to create a space that resonates with the brand’s identity.
Calvin Klein: For Calvin Klein, known for its minimalist and sophisticated style, we crafted a store that exudes modern elegance. The use of neutral tones, sleek fixtures, and open spaces created a refined shopping environment.

2. Customer Experience:
Both stores were designed to provide an engaging and seamless shopping experience. We focused on creating layouts that facilitate easy navigation and highlight key product areas, ensuring that customers can explore the collections effortlessly.
Interactive elements and comfortable fitting areas were integrated to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

3. Attention to Detail:
Every detail, from the selection of materials to the placement of lighting, was meticulously planned to reflect the premium nature of both brands. High-quality finishes, custom-built fixtures, and strategic lighting were used to create an inviting and luxurious atmosphere.

1. Maintaining Brand Consistency:
Ensuring that the stores accurately represented each brand’s unique identity was crucial. We collaborated closely with the brand teams to understand their vision and guidelines, ensuring that the final design met their expectations and standards.

2. Space Optimization:
In Mumbai’s bustling retail landscape, optimizing space for functionality and aesthetics was a challenge. We employed innovative design strategies to maximize the use of space, creating distinct zones for different product categories while maintaining an open and welcoming feel.

3. Tight Deadlines:
Meeting the project deadlines without compromising on quality required efficient project management and coordination. Our team worked diligently to ensure that every phase of the project was completed on time, from initial design to final construction.

4. High-Quality Standards:
Both brands demanded the highest quality in terms of construction and finishing. We sourced premium materials and employed skilled craftsmanship to ensure that the stores not only looked impeccable but were also durable and functional.

The successful design and construction of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein stores in Mumbai underscore 91Squarefeet’s ability to deliver high-end retail spaces that capture the essence of global brands. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and ability to overcome challenges have resulted in flagship stores that stand out in Mumbai’s competitive retail market. We are proud to have contributed to the expansion of these iconic brands in India and look forward to continuing our journey of creating outstanding retail environments.

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