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About the Project

Chai Point enlisted 91Squarefeet to help realize their vision of creating warm, inviting, and functional tea stores across India. Our team worked closely with Chai Point to understand their brand ethos, customer engagement strategies, and operational needs.

Customer-Centric Layouts: Optimized for comfort, ease of movement, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Brand Integration: Seamless incorporation of Chai Point’s branding elements, colors, and thematic motifs.

Ambiance Creation: Utilizing lighting and decor to create a cozy and relaxing environment for tea lovers.

Furniture and Fixtures
Our role included the design, manufacturing, and installation of custom furniture and fixtures specifically crafted to meet Chai Point’s standards. Key elements included:

Seating Arrangements: Comfortable and stylish seating options for both individuals and groups.

Tea Counters: Ergonomically designed counters that facilitate efficient service and enhance the customer experience.

Display Units: Attractive and functional display units for showcasing tea varieties and related products.

Interior Decor: Thoughtfully chosen decor elements that enhance the overall ambiance and customer experience.

Construction and Installation
Our fitout team ensured the seamless execution of the construction and installation phases. Highlights of our process include:

Timely Delivery: Successfully completed all 10 stores within the agreed timelines, minimizing any operational downtime.

Quality Control: Strict adherence to quality control protocols at every stage to ensure top-tier craftsmanship.

Safety Measures: Implementation of comprehensive safety measures to protect both our workers and Chai Point’s staff.

Client Satisfaction

Chai Point expressed their satisfaction with the completed stores, noting the positive feedback from customers who appreciate the modern, comfortable, and inviting spaces. The newly designed stores have significantly enhanced Chai Point’s retail presence across India.

The successful completion of 10 Chai Point stores across India stands as a testament to 91Squarefeet’s capability to deliver exceptional retail solutions. This project highlights our commitment to meeting client needs and exceeding their expectations. We are excited about our ongoing relationship with Chai Point and look forward to supporting their future expansion.

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