How 91Squarefeet helped to launch Ola Stores Within 7 Days?

The Ola Stores project was a challenge to build and launch several physical retail stores for Ola, a ride-hailing company, within 7 days. The project involved an aggressive three-week pre-planning phase to create a master plan that could be replicated across multiple sites with minimal variations.

Strong Customer Acquisition in Retail: How to do it?

Customer Acquistion Strategies

The trend of customer acquisition always remains, regardless of whether you are a new entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran. But for many companies, sales may be unpredictable and acquiring new customers can feel like a game of chance.  Suppose you want to grow your business consistently and profitably. In that case, you should consider customer […]

How Online and Offline Retail are Merging

Merging Online and Offline retail

Online and offline marketing can catapult the impact and effectiveness of channels. The impact and effectiveness, when combined, can be a technology, and digitisation has become inseparable parts of consumers’ lives. Retailers are generally divided into two separate camps: Online and Offline. But, to be practical, it’s not about one or the other.  It is […]

The 7 Biggest Retail Trends for 2023

Biggest Retail Trends

Retailers and Brands are emerging from a pandemic that lasted a long time. The past years have been challenging for retailers due to supply chain challenges, inflationary pricing, economic uncertainty, and geopolitical factors that have taxed them and squeezed their finances. As the year begins, there is a positive outlook and a focus on the […]

How to drive Stock Clearance Sale? 11 Creative ways

Stock Clearance Sales

Are you carrying unsold merchandise in your store? If those unsold products are collecting dust on shelves or taking up space in your stack room, they’re not bringing in profits for your business. It’s time for a clearance sale! The word “clearance” is overused nowadays when many retail chains offer weekly clearance deals. It is […]

11 Tips to Boost Retail Sales in 2023

Tips to boost retail sales

Time flies! Here, it’s time to welcome New Year with full zest. The beginning of the holiday season brings a unique opportunity for brands to capture seasonal sales and set up strategies to boost their retail sales. Each new year comes with the latest trends and customer expectations. So, learned business leaders will set well-established […]

How to Increase Customer Retention in Retail?

What’s better than gaining a new customer?  The answer is not just acquiring new customers. It is also retaining existing customers. While there’s a certain allure that comes with capturing new customers, keeping them coming back will continuously result in a more significant ROI — and it costs 5-25X less. The biggest brands are currently […]

7 Crucial Safety Tips for Construction Sites and Workers

Safety tips for Construction Sites & Workers

Construction work is inherently dangerous. Injuries and illness in construction sites are very common for site workers. So, it becomes quite important for them to follow the safety tips for construction as it is said that “life can’t be bought by wealth”, and it is true! According to ILO (International Labour Organisation), around 2.3 million […]

Ensuring accessibility for disabled in your Retail Store

accessibility for disabled

We are all physically disabled at some point of time in our lives. A child, a person with a broken leg and hand, a parent with a pram (baby stroller), an elderly or old age person, etc., are all disabled in some way. Those who remain healthy and able-bodied all their lives are few. So, […]

IoT in Retail Market of India

IoT in Retail Market

The boons that accompany the Indian retail market are countless, but a handful of banes make it hard for retail businesses to attain the level of success they strive for. With a nation as vast and diverse as India, rising customer expectations always one-up the existing retail infrastructure, and rightfully so. This challenges the market […]

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