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CEAT, the flagship company of RPG Enterprises, was established in 1958. Today, CEAT is one of India’s leading tyre manufacturers with a capacity of over 800 tons per day and has a strong presence in global markets. CEAT enjoys a major market share in the Truck, Light Truck, and 2-wheeler segment, and its tubes and flaps are renowned for their superior quality and durability.

Scope of work

  • Site Conceptualization – 2D &3D Designing, Recce Report, and Electrical Layout.
  • Creation of Brand guidelines, Floor layout, etc. for new tyre formats.
  • Production Feasibility to be ensured by focusing on the Brand Identity and element standardization.
  • Offer Turnkey Solutions: Signage, Branding (External and Internal), Retail Fitouts, Furniture and Fixtures, Civil and Interior Work (C&I),
  • Product samples to be reviewed and finalized by the Ceat Team

How 91Squarefeet comes into the Picture:

  • Recce App: Multiple Recces are avoided by shifting to a smart in-built Recce Mobile Application by 91squarefeet. The app enables suppliers/ on-ground project engineers to capture complete scope and dimensions very easily. The app usage fast-tracks the entire team and the complete recce is received in a single visit.
  • Real-Time Progress Tracking – Real-time progress can be tracked and analyzed in detail across the entire project lifecycle via our tech-driven Project Management Tool. Readily available real-time information brings in ease of project monitoring and decision making. The progress reports helped the client during the audits phase.
  • In-House Production Team – From Manufacturing to Procurement, and Execution to Maintenance Support, there has been a dedicated in-house team supervised by a Project Manager and Project Engineer to take care of all the project stages. Advanced status about the number of tentative sites in a quarter helped in bulk production of various furniture items and helped in cost optimization.
  • One-Stop Solution – Ceat wanted an end-to-end solution for its project requirements. They wanted to avoid the hassle of not dealing with multiple vendors. 91Squarefeet fits perfectly in this picture and provides end-to-end expert retail turnkey solutions, making it a seamless experience for the brand.
  • TAT Optimization – To ensure a timely project handover, TAT optimization is crucial along with maintaining uniform and standard quality. 91Squarefeet with its strong, diverse and rich project expertise has been able to deliver 15-20% faster execution. This has been made possible because of central procurement, real-time project planning software, and a team of qualified experts.
  • Standardization – Carefully analyzing the element specifications, all the elements are standardized and there has been no deviation in quality across all the stores. At 91Squarefeet, the material specs are ensured by the central procurement team to reflect the standard quality of the brand.

Further Value Additions

  • Understanding the initial BOQ and the project feasibility, the team of experts at 91Squarefeet, with rich experience in past, suggested better alternatives in accordance with the brand guidelines.

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Chinar is currently working as a Regional Director(West) with 91Squarefeet. With 9+ years of rich industry experience spanning across Education, Real Estate, Sports, Retail, and Media, she holds expertise in Enterprise Sales, Digital Marketing, Media Sales (OOH, DOOH and BTL) and has a start-up hustle mindset.

With rigorous strategic planning, onboarding the right talent at the right time, and achieving efficient business expansion, she is continually expanding her customer base across various regions.

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