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At 91Squarefeet, we are thrilled to have cultivated a diverse brand portfolio. We work alongside our clients to build their unique vision in the look, form and function of each store environment. View some of our select projects below!

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Our Process


Introductory Call

Introductory Call

We always start with your ‘why’. We’ll establish your goals in order to create a meaningful, lasting change with our team of expert designers. Within 48 hours, our team will send you a quote and the entire layout plan for your office.



Site Survey

We always take the time to get on site and do the initial tech-enabled recce via our inhouse mobile app. From here we can start visualising your new space. We will establish exactly how much space you need and how best to use it.


Design Phase

Design Phase

Once you have full confidence in your vision, we bring your office to life through 3D renderings of different sections, offering a sneak peek into the final result. Every detail, from fabrics and furniture to fixtures and fittings, is meticulously laid out. We can even provide immersive 3D walk-through experiences.


Scope Finalization

Scope Finalization

Once we've mutually fine-tuned the design & gathered all the necessary insights, we formalize the project scope. This involves clarifying every detail & expectation, ensuring that we are aligned with your vision. With the scope finalized, we embark with absolute clarity, minimizing any potential surprises & guaranteeing a seamless transition from design to execution.


Site Execution

Site Execution

It’s construction time. Step back and let our team do their thing as they get to work, top to bottom. Fitting new ceilings, walls, floors, doors, plumbing, electrics and kitchens - there’s nothing they can’t do.


Site Handover

Site Handover

We handover you the office keys and you’re all set to now move in. But that’s not all! Our commitment to your project extends far beyond the construction phase. Whether you require additional furniture or your company's needs evolve, we are always ready to return and reevaluate, ensuring your ongoing satisfaction and success.

Conduct site surveys with RDash Recce

Our office team configures survey needs to be done by filed team via mobile app. Mobile app guides field team to capture Spaces, Measurements, technical details & observations. Real time survey details shared back to office teams.

AI Led Layout Generation

Our AI technology, at the forefront of innovation, streamlines floor space arrangements to an unparalleled degree. Employing advanced algorithms and machine learning, our system scrutinizes spatial layouts, foot traffic trends, and user preferences, curating environments that are both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Project Designs management workflow​

Our designs are approved & Managed on tech platform that are accessible to field team’s Mobile app. Field teams can raise issues and ask for clarifications ( RFIs). Experience a hassle free way to manage & iterate designs.

Project Estimates & Budget

Review & Manage your list of scope items with quantities and rates. We manage proposal approvals, track change orders & monitor the project budget to deliver quick and hassle free client experience.

Track Real Progress

Track Activity wise & value wise progress of work by field team. Get Daily update on Work items, activities, manpower & obstacles.

Clean Project Closure & Handover

We capture all pending issues as snaglist and track their closure. We record joint measurements and arrive at final billables.


What cities do we operate in?

We deliver services across India

We are front runners in technology led office fitout development. Our project management platform gives you 24X7 live updates on the progress of your project. Speed and transparency are the key benefits in working with us.

We specialise in designing large corporate offices, coworking spaces, IT offices, Commercial spaces. Let’s connect for more information.

The timeline of our design process varies depending on the scope of work and size of space to be designed. However a usual project of up to 7000 sqft take about 60 days for us to deliver. We are the fastest fitout developer in the market thanks to our proprietary technology.

We are simplifying commercial fit-outs in India by investing in technology and skill-development of our workers.

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